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Music only works when you make it with your whole heart : Abhinav Shahi & Divesh Darshan

News Editor Tuesday 26th of October 2021 at 07:22:11 PM Entertainment
Music only works when you make it with your whole heart : Abhinav Shahi & Divesh Darshan

Hindustan, music and words are one sound. The different culmination of all three seems redundant. What if music is removed from Indian cinema? Will that sweetness remain in the movies? I do not think so. Do the songs of today's era go on the tongue? I do not think so. because they make more noise than words. Words have their own noise, we do not need to add any kind of noise to it separately. There are musicians among us who give importance to words. I’m talking about Abhinav Shahi and Divesh Darshan Who sang, composed and produced songs like 'Chala Chalen', 'Shankara O Shankara', 'Chhath Puja' and 'Kohinoor Dekha'. The Duo says “Meaningful lyrics fascinate us. Words which can touch the heart of listeners. We love to work on old school music, Sufi, Filmi, Folk, semi classical, rock,  Indie pop and many more.” 

Music only works when you make it with your whole heart. This is true. There has always been a Guru-Shishya tradition in India. But there are in abundance who have not found a Guru and have done wonders. This duo is also one of those who will prove to be better in future. Abhinav says “It was quite tough to learn different types of music softwares as I had no one to guide me. During my initial days I kept learning from YouTube. Later I started learning piano and music production from Anmol Anil. But YouTube and the internet were too helpful for me.” Divesh also had the same struggle in the early days, “While living in my village Sakhwar, there were no options to learn music. So I kept learning from hearing songs of Sonu Nigam, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar and other legends.`` In 2015, when Divesh moved to mumbai, he took admission in a well known academy but left due to weak financial condition. and later he continued to learn by himself.

A little help and a lot of dedication, that's what leads to success. But for great success it is necessary that the shoulders are ours. Abhinav started his music studio in Andheri with some equipment. He later collaborated with Divesh and set up his own professional studio in Vasai so that the musical journey would not stop. In the meantime, many difficulties came and what to do about the people. Duo says, “We both went through the same thing. People used to laugh at us. They were quoting: There are millions of people who are struggling in Mumbai, he can't achieve anything. you'll be back soon etc.." but they didn't lose hope, worked hard and here they are. Being able to keep your hobby and your profession in life is more than a pleasure that your hobby is.